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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I Need An Insurance License?

Yes. The life and health insurance industry is very well regulated so all of our agents must be licensed in order to do business with our carriers. If you do not have a license don't worry, we can help you with that.
Can I Get Licensed Online?

Mostly. Your state license training will be online but your actual state exam will be in person at an authorized testing center. Our arrangement with results in quality training at a deeply discounted rate.
How Much Can New Agents Earn?

New agents start off at a 55% contract level, and average 75% advance on sales. Issuing just 3 sales, at the company average of $1,000 AP each, adding in 35 leads, agents should have a starting net commission of $937 and ~$1,500 after 9 months (advance hold): $70,000 per year & 4 weeks time off.
Do You Offer Yearly Credit Card Billing?

Yes. Other than builder bonuses, our agents are paid commissions directly by the insurance companies they made sales for, daily in most cases. At an average commission of $500 per sale, this can add up quite quickly.
Is This Opportunity Part-Time or Full-Time?

The majority of our agents start off part-time, keeping the security of their job, before transitioning to full-time.
Are There Any Fees To Join?

No. There are no fees to join. No sales quotas. No recruiting quotas. No pressure.
Can I Earn Higher Commissions?

Certainly. Agents are able to receive a 5% promotion every two months through personal sales, team development, or a combination of the two.
Are Management Jobs Available?

Yes. Our system is designed to let you build a team of any size, small or large.


Full time and part time positions available. USA Insurance Alliance is seeking people to join our team. We have opportunities locally and nationally.

We are a national company who trains and supports independent insurance agents. We work with 10 insurance carriers (Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, Foresters and others). We have extensive live weekly training and support in over 75 major cities across the country.

We also provide online training and coaching with an agent mentor.
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