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Have Fun with The Alliance

We tend to attract people like us, and those people like to have lots of fun. They laugh, they entertain, and they enjoy each other’s company. When we think of how people in our industry typically behave, we like to say “we sure ain’t your granddaddy’s insurance company!”

How many insurance companies do you know that regularly make mini-movies featuring their own agents as actors, or rock the house at the openings of their national events? How many insurance agency managers do you know that would open up their own home to entertain hundreds of guests, just because it will inspire and foster a sense of community?

Working with National Agents Alliance definitely pays off, too. Our agents follow a carefully laid out plan for protecting American families, earning points along the way that qualify them for the most amazing vacations imaginable. It is a must for NAA agents to keep their passports renewed and on hand to see the world as only The Alliance can.

Oh, the places we have been: Costa Rica, The Caribbean Islands, Aruba, Greece, Punta Cana, Fiji, Cabo San Lucas, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Atlantis, Alaska!

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Full time and part time positions available. USA Insurance Alliance is seeking people to join our team. We have opportunities locally and nationally.

We are a national company who trains and supports independent insurance agents. We work with 10 insurance carriers (Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, Foresters and others). We have extensive live weekly training and support in over 75 major cities across the country.

We also provide online training and coaching with an agent mentor.
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