Lead Quality is Essential

Lead Quality is Essential

LPT manager, Clay Mertes, takes you on an interactive journey through the lead process in 10 minutes! We start at the mail house where Clay shows you have direct mail leads are generated and distributed. Then, we move onto TV commercial leads. The customer sees the lead on television and then calls our telemarketing department to create the lead. Next, we move onto the the telemarketing department where we talk to several thousand people a day! Last we go back to the headquarters to the lead performance team. Talk to them anytime and they can help you make a power move or set up a GMR. Call them today!


Many folks in sales search through 30 or more old leads that have been sold to multiple people. They waste valuable time and are fortunate to make one sale.

Our agents are able to spend their time being productive and making a higher income with fewer calls. Each new lead The Alliance generates is assigned a unique identification number so that it can be tracked as it travels throughout our lead allocation system. This allows us to measure its age and distribution history, which is used to identify places where we can improve quality even more for you.

Why purchase old, oversold leads from subcontractors have no one to help you when you encounter problems? National Agents Alliance offers excellent quality leads with a specialized support team to assist you along the way.

If you're ready to test the quality of our leads for yourself, just complete the Application form and let's get results together.

Leads For Us, By Us

At The Alliance, we generate our own leads at our own headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina. Why? Because it's in our best interest to be independent when creating the leads you'll be using to become a success. We generate leads for our agents, and them alone, so there's never a conflict of interest. Here's how we do it.

The Alliance owns and maintains a mail house facility has the capacity to mail up to 1.5 million pieces of mail per week. Our mailings are high-performing, and we're always testing new ways to get prospects to open our mailings first.

We own and maintain a national call center for both inbound and outbound calls. The scripts used by the telemarketers are constantly being tested and revised for maximum output and quality.

Our Internet Marketing team at The Alliance looks for creative and innovative ways to create leads using search engine optimization, internet advertising and social media.

If you're ready to test the quality of our leads for yourself, just complete the Application form and let's get results together.

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Full time and part time positions available. USA Insurance Alliance is seeking people to join our team. We have opportunities locally and nationally.

We are a national company who trains and supports independent insurance agents. We work with 10 insurance carriers (Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, Foresters and others). We have extensive live weekly training and support in over 75 major cities across the country.

We also provide online training and coaching with an agent mentor.
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