Smoker Life

What is Smoker Life Insurance?

Through most companies, life insurance is incredibly expensive for cigarette smokers. At The Alliance, we aim to make smoker life insurance more affordable for you, so that you can get the coverage you need at a price your family can afford.

Although smoker life insurance can be more expensive than non-smoker life insurance, it is possible to get better rates than you have now or have been quoted on. Some of our policies even offer cigar smokers and tobacco chewers non-smoker rates.

Why is Smoker Life Insurance so important?

Life insurance is a valuable investment because it ensures that your family will always have access to the things they need. It's important to consider what your family would do if you passed away unexpectedly. Would they have enough money to pay the bills? Would they be able to keep their house? Investing in life insurance is a priceless gift to your family in a time of extreme need. If your family could not afford these things without you and you don't have life insurance, it's time to consider getting coverage.

Being a smoker doesn't mean living without life insurance, and it also doesn't mean you're forced to have an overpriced policy. With The Alliance, smoker life insurance is now available to you at an affordable rate. You can protect your family's future, even beyond your own life.

Our licensed agents understand that your family's finances are important to consider, both now and in the future. We can help you discover a smoker life insurance plan that suits your coverage and budget needs.

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